Katie Couric helps push Barry Diller's Maserati out of the snow

Katie Couric helps push Barry Diller's Maserati out of the snow

On Tuesday, Vanity Fair's Juli Weiner published an article entitled, "Rahm Emanuel Should Be Personally Rescuing People During the Chicago Blizzard". (You have to hand it to VF: they know how to put the "b" in "subtle".) Weiner's argument was basically that the mayoral candidate needed to get out on the streets and show some concern for the city's well-being.

Given all the hoo-ha that Emanuel has been through the past few weeks, it didn't take much to twist the guy's arm, and before you could say Mr. Plow, he and his PR crew had hit the sidewalks, snow shovels and cameras in hand.

But of course, Emanuel isn't the first high-profile good Samaritan we've seen during the recent Snowmageddopocalypse. A week ago, Katie Couric lent a hand to poor, puttering plutocrat Barry Diller amid the Rambles of Central Park. Naturally, our Celebs and Cars staff began debating who milked it more. Here's our unofficial scorecard:

Couric may have one of America's most honest faces, but something feels strange about her stumbling across Diller in the wild. Emanuel's snow heroics seem just as stagy -- after all, at this point in the guy's campaign, he's nothing but a walking photo op. And in a ding against both, neither ride in the pics at left looks terribly "stranded". We're calling shenanigans.
Couric: 5
Emanuel: 5

Whether or not Couric's people planned her run-in with Diller, you can't deny that she looks awfully chipper to be pushing a Maserati in the snow. Emanuel, on the other hand, looks like he's thinking about the giant cup of cocoa that's waiting for him back at HQ -- and preparing to chew out any lackey who shorts him on marshmallows.
Couric: 10
Emanuel: 5

This is where Couric takes a tumble: just one car? Okay, it's a really nice car, but it's still just one car in a city of millions. Staged or not, Emanuel was all over the place. Someone took his Flintstones chewables.
Couric: 3
Emanuel: 8

Poor Katie doesn't seem to know the business end of a car. Rahm may not be using much elbow grease, but at least he's pushing the right way.
Couric: 3
Emanuel: 8

Considering that she probably planned to be chauffeured around all day, Couric appears ready for winter's worst in a long overcoat and snow boots. Emanuel, on the other hand, looks like he just stepped out for coffee from the corner deli, with his khakis, Timberlands, and field coat. Then again, maybe he's playing the Tough Guy card: "Hey, I don't need all that winter wear -- it's just two feet of freakin' snow."
Couric: 8
Emanuel: 7

Couric 29
Emanuel: 33

Looks like Rahm pulled it out this time -- but can he do the same on February 22? Someone ought to be praying for more snow...

[ChicagoForRahm via Eric]