UPDATE: As several intrepid (and sharp-eyed) readers have pointed out, there is a quarter-second shot of a GM-era convertible around the 16-second mark. Good catch. As for the 9-5, it was designed during the GM era, true, but it's being sold entirely under the Spyker-owned Saab umbrella. Point being: there's a big chunk of Saab's history not present in the video, even with those bits thrown in.

Whether you love the new 9-5 or can't be bothered, it's the linchpin in Saab's current and near-future  success. This promo spot ties the 9-5 in with the company's storied history, including its motorsports heritage. But it leaves one whole segment out.

That segment is the GM-owned bit, of course. We understand why Saab might want to distance itself from the most recent, yet most unfortunate stint in the company's product line, particularly when pushing a new car under new ownership with an eye toward a new perception in the marketplace. But it is a bit of a glaring omission.

Also, though most of the clips in the video are hit-and-run, there are some nice slices of classic Saab rally action in there, so stay sharp.