• Rahm Emanuel helps push a police vehicle out of the snow

    On Tuesday, Vanity Fair's Juli Weiner published an article entitled, "Rahm Emanuel Should Be Personally Rescuing People During the Chicago Blizzard". (You have to hand it to VF: they know how to put the "b" in "subtle".) Weiner's argument was basically that the mayoral candidate needed to get out on the streets and show some concern for the city's well-being. Given all the hoo-ha that Emanuel has been through the past few weeks, it didn't take much to twist the guy's arm, and before you could say Mr. Plow, he and his PR crew had hit the sidewalks, snow shovels and cameras in hand. But of...

  • 2006 Bentley Continental GT
    Chicago Car Dealer Found Armed And Naked In A Bentley

    File this one under the “You can’t make this stuff up” category. Just a week after a 17-year old was shot dead for egging a Mercedes-Benz in Atlanta, a Chicago car dealer was found in his Bentley with a loaded gun and his pants missing. Eugene Bernshtam, 43, was charged with...

  • 1953 Corvette EX122
    World's rarest Corvettes heading to Chicago

    The Chevrolet Corvette has had a historic run as America's iconic supercar, spawning imitations in the past and inspiring allegiance from Corvette aficionados around the world over the decades. With 1,500,000 Corvettes built over the years, it’s a good time to look to the past, and now, one...

  • Tesla Roadster
    Tesla expands across the globe with seven new dealerships

    Following news that the company has delivered its 500th all-electric Roadster model, Tesla has announced that it’s ready to expand its dealer network with seven new sales and service centers around the globe this summer. Prospective customers will now be able to test drive the company’s...

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