The Chevrolet Corvette has had a historic run as America's iconic supercar, spawning imitations in the past and inspiring allegiance from Corvette aficionados around the world over the decades. With 1,500,000 Corvettes built over the years, it’s a good time to look to the past, and now, one of the most valuable collections of Corvettes is hitting the Chicago area for the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show. If organizers are correct, than it will prove to be unmissable for Corvette die-hards.

Taking place in two weeks, the 2009 Bloomington Gold Corvette Show will feature 60 of the most historically significant Corvettes in existence. Among the showings will be some stunning models from the echelons of history, including the 1953 Corvette EX122 - the hand-built concept car that represents the beginning of Corvette production as the oldest Corvette in the world. This model was first unveiled in January of 1953 to the New York public at a GM Motorama event, and according to legend this is the car that inspired Zora Duntov to join Chevrolet and work on the Corvette.

Speaking of Zora Duntov, the 206mph Corvette CERV hand-built by him will also be appearing in the collection. The CERV, which stands for Chevrolet Experimental Racing Vehicle, was used as the platform for refining the body, chassis and suspension systems - and considering that it was built over 45 years ago, its top speed is astonishing.

Other historic Corvettes appearing will be the 1960 Original Stingray Racer, the 1969 Grand Sport #001 Penske racer that has been valued in the millions and the amazing 1969 ZL1 Corvette - the only one documented to exist and hence one of the most valuable Corvettes in the world.