Pastrana-Waltrip Racing

  • Travis Pastrana in OnPace episode 1

    Travis Pastrana's career as an X Games superstar, daredevil, and rally driver is already one for the history books, but now he's setting out on a (somewhat) safer course: NASCAR. This first episode of what promises to be an interesting series tells the story of how Pastrana got into NASCAR--by way of a guy with a broken back, meeting and proposing to his wife, and the injury that effectively ended his extreme motorcycle career. Best part of the video? Repurposing two of his (doubtless many, many) sets of crutches into a pull-up bar.

  • Travis Pastrana at Richmond, 2011
    Travis Pastrana To Focus On NASCAR Once Healed

    After severely crushing his ankle trying to land a 720-degree trick he calls the "toilet paper roll," Travis Pastrana may be looking for a safer form of motorsport. Today, the motorcycle stuntman turned rally-racer said he'll be focusing on his NASCAR program with Michael Waltrip once he recovers...

  • Travis Pastrana at Richmond, 2011
    Travis Pastrana Finishes 33rd At Richmond After Crash

    NASCAR ain't easy. Just ask Travis Pastrana. After largely dominating North American rally for the past several years, he's finding it hard to make it to the front of the pack in the roundy-round crowd. His latest race at Richmond in the Nationwide Series saw him finish 33rd after contact with the...

  • Travis Pastrana and his Waltrip Racing NASCAR race car
    Video: Pastrana-Waltrip NASCAR Team Official Launch

    "HELLS YES!" That's Travis' answer to the question "you sure you wanna do this?" as he sits behind the wheel and under a tarp in the newly-formed Pastrana-Waltrip racing NASCAR Nationwide team car. That's our answer too. For those of you who may not appreciate the subtleties and refinement of the...

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