• 2019 Lamborghini Urus, Palm Springs media drive, December, 2018

    Jaguar Land Rover is aiming to block the U.S. import of VW Group SUVs due to alleged patent infringement involving their terrain response systems.

  • Jerry Seinfeld
    Jerry Seinfeld sues dealer that allegedly sold him an inauthentic Porsche

    The saga of Jerry Seinfeld's allegedly fake Porsche continues. After the comedian and actor was sued earlier this month by the company that purchased the car from him, Seinfeld has sued the dealership that sold him the car in the first place. The Associated Press reported Monday that Seinfeld filed...

  • Elon Musk at Tesla Model 3 reveal
    SEC sues Tesla CEO Elon Musk for lying about funding, seeks to bar him from running Tesla

    Note to readers: This story has been updated from its original version with comment from Musk. Federal regulators said Thursday in a lawsuit that Tesla CEO Elon Musk intentionally misled investors last month when he tweeted that he had "funding secured" to buy back millions of dollars in shares...

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 70th anniversary edition inspired by Steve McQueen’s 1963 Ferrari 250 GT
    Steve McQueen's family sues Ferrari over special-edition 70th anniversary cars

    Last year, Ferrari celebrated 70 years since the unveiling of its first sports car and part of the celebration included 350 special edition cars in various liveries to mark significant moments for the company. Allegedly, the "Steve McQueen" livery never had the McQueen family's blessing. According...

  • John Cena with the 2017 Ford GT
    John Cena settles lawsuit over selling Ford GT early

    Seven months after Ford served actor and pro wrestler John Cena a lawsuit for selling his 2017 Ford GT shortly after taking delivery, Cena has settled the matter, according to a Monday Jalopnik report. As part of their contract with Ford, all GT owners are required to keep their cars for two years...

  • John Cena with the 2017 Ford GT
    Ford sues dealership that resold John Cena's GT

    Legal drama seems to follow the Ford GT wherever it goes. The latest installment of drama comes from a well-known story involving John Cena, his GT, and the fact the actor and wrestler flipped the car within a no-sell window. Ford sued Cena last year, and the ordeal is still playing out in court...

  • Nikola One electric semi truck

    As if Tesla didn't have enough issues of late, Nikola Motors has filed a lawsuit alleging the company violated patents for its hydrogen-electric semi. Nikola claims the Tesla Semi is "substantially" similar to its own design. In the lawsuit, filed on Tuesday according to Reuters, Nikola esimates harm from Tesla's patent infringement in excess of $2 billion. Nikola was issued six patents filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office between February and April of this year. The six patents deal with the wrap windshield, mid-entry door, fuselage, fender, side cladding, and final design of the...

  • John Cena with the 2017 Ford GT
    John Cena asking judge to dismiss Ford GT lawsuit

    Actor and pro wrestler John Cena asked a Florida judge Tuesday to dismiss a lawsuit alleging he violated an agreement by selling his $450,000 Ford GT supercar. Ford filed a lawsuit against Cena in November alleging the actor was flipping the 2017 Ford GT he purchased in October. According to Ford...

  • Paul Walker and an R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R on the scene of Fast and Furious 4
    Paul Walker's daughter settles suit against Porsche

    Two years after "Fast and Furious" star Paul Walker's death in 2013, his daughter has settled her wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche. Terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, reports The Blast. Walker's daughter, Meadow, filed the lawsuit claiming her father survived the initial crash...

  • GM Renaissance Center American flag
    GM sued over potentially cheating diesel emission tests, but not by feds

    The state of diesel-powered passenger vehicles has been precarious since Volkswagen's scandal broke nearly two years ago. Since then, other automakers have been accused of abusing auxiliary emission control devices. Now, the blame turns to General Motors. According to Reuters, GM has been served a...

  • 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, Bear Mountain, May 2014
    US government prepares lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler over diesel emissions

    Talks appear to be breaking down between the U.S. government and Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles over the automaker's alleged use of emission defeat devices. Now, according to Bloomberg, the U.S. Department of Justice is preparing to sue the automaker if talks fail to resolve the issue. Previously, both...

  • 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350
    2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 owners suing Ford, say 'track-ready' cars overheat too quickly

    Owners of some 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustangs have filed a lawsuit against Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] and claim their cars, which are marketed as "track ready," overheat in as little as 15 minutes. The owners, who are seeking class-action status, are suing for fraud and breach of warranty claims...

  • Tesla Roadster

    Tesla, it seems, can’t catch a break in the media in 2013. First, The New York Times published a less-than-stellar review of the Model S, criticizing the car’s range in cold weather. Tesla Motors’ [NSDQ:TSLA] CEO, Elon Musk, was quick to respond with data that contradicted The New York Times’ article, but the newspaper didn’t back down. Now comes word from Bloomberg that a British appeals court has dismissed Tesla’s second attempt at a libel suit against the BBC, the network behind Top Gear. The dismissal should put an end to the courtroom sparring of Tesla...

  • 2012 Tesla Model S
    Tesla Wins Minor Victory Against Massachusetts Dealers

    You might think it's no big deal for a carmaker to sell its cars directly to the public, but you'd be wrong. In fact, for dealers, it's a very big deal. For Tesla, it has become a big deal in court. Dealers across the country have raised a cry against the company's direct-sales model, saying it...

  • Toyota logo
    Toyota Takes $1.1 Billion Hit In Unintended Acceleration Settlement

    Toyota waited until boxing day to announce it had reached a tentative settlement in an ongoing class-action lawsuit representing owners claiming they were negatively impacted in the value of their cars due to the recent recalls spurred by alleged unintended acceleration. The original recalls...

  • 2009 Maserati Quattroporte S
    Jenna Jameson Faces Lawsuit Over Leased Maserati Quattroporte: Report

    Former adult film star Jenna Jameson is reportedly facing a lawsuit from a luxury car hire firm over claims she has stopped making payments on a car she leased and is yet to return. The company in question is Maserati Financial Services, which originally leased a Maserati Quattroporte S luxury...

  • Crash testing the Buick Verano
    Senate Passes Bill Requiring Implementation Of Vehicle Data Recorders

    If the House of Representatives approves a bill already passed by the Senate (or one very similar), this much is a given: by the 2015 model year, event data recorders will be required for every new car sold in the United States. While the details have yet to be finalized, these “black...

  • 2008 tesla roadster motorauthority 021
    Tesla Loses Major Part Of Its "Top Gear" Lawsuit

    Tesla has lost the libel half of its case against Top Gear.

  • sync_mustang.jpg

    A lawsuit filed by a Washington state technology company alleges that Ford has infringed on seven of their patents relating to vehicle communications.

  • 2010 Toyota Yaris
    Quiet Engine, High Tech Key Blamed In Carbon Monoxide Deaths

    Carbon monoxide has occasionally been described as a silent killer, and the recent deaths of a New York man and a woman in Florida prove the phrase still runs true in modern cars. Chasity Glisson, 29 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Ernest Codelia, 79 from Queens, New York are two victims of the...

  • Elon Musk
    Tesla CEO Elon Musk Calls Top Gear “Completely Phony”

    In the ongoing battle between Tesla and Top Gear, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has finally spoken, comparing the BBC’s popular automotive television program to a Milli Vanilli concert. That’s right, the music band whose Grammy award was revoked when the lead performers admitted they didn't...

  • Top Gear logo
    Top Gear Responds To Tesla Lawsuit

    Following last week’s shock announcement that Tesla is suing BBC’s Top Gear for libel and malicious falsehood stemming from a review of its all-electric Roadster, Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman has released insight on the topic coming from the show’s side. Due to the...

  • Tesla versus Top Gear
    Breaking: Tesla Sues BBC's Top Gear For Libel And Malicious Falsehood

    Tesla is no stranger to lawsuits, having been on both the receiving end and acting as instigator in several nasty cases in the recent past. The Californian electric car startup is now at it again, this time taking on the formidable forces of the BBC, more specifically the network’s Top Gear...

  • 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS
    GM Sues Car Hauler Over 1,700 'Hostage' Vehicles

    We've all seen the trucks, loaded with brand-new, plastic-wrapped cars headed to showrooms, but have you ever wondered who actually moves those car around? Turns out for GM, it's largely Allied. But things aren't trucking along for the outfit, right now. Chrysler is also affected by Allied's...

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