Seven months after Ford served actor and pro wrestler John Cena a lawsuit for selling his 2017 Ford GT shortly after taking delivery, Cena has settled the matter, according to a Monday Jalopnik report.

As part of their contract with Ford, all GT owners are required to keep their cars for two years in an effort to stop profiteering and protect the GT's resale value. Cena signed this agreement when he took delivery of his GT last October. By November 30, the car was sold, and the celebrity reportedly made a “large profit” from the sale which he used to cover “expenses.”

Motor Authority reached out to Ford for comment on the legal matter. The Ford spokesperson wouldn't shed light on the terms of the agreement but did provide this statement: "We are pleased to resolve this matter. While the amount of the settlement is confidential, Ford is going to donate the proceeds from the sale to charity so even more people will benefit from the iconic Ford GT."

Thus far there is no work on how the resolution of the automaker's lawsuit with Cena will affect the Ford's lawsuit over a GT recently sold at a Mecum auction for $1.8 million. The auction company said a judge had already ruled in the company's favor. Ford wouldn't comment on the matter.

Cena and Ford's settlement comes after the wrestler asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit altogether in February. In the motion, Cena's legal team said, "Ford failed to cause its selling dealer to include any resale restriction." While Cena did sign the clause to keep the GT for 24 months, the language was missing from final dealer paperwork. Regardless, Cena had still agreed to not sell the car.

However, the legal trouble doesn't end here. Ford also sued the dealership that resold Cena's GT, and the case is still ongoing. To make things more mysterious, it's unclear where Cena's former GT actually resides these days. We asked Ford if it had the car, and the rep we spoke to said the fact that Ford is donating the money to charity indicates Ford doesn't have the car and it remains sold.