It's never a good day when a car catches fire, but when a high-priced supercar catches fire, not only do we take notice, but so does the automaker. In this case, a 2017 Ford GT has burned to the ground in Munich, Germany, and Ford has weighed in.

The owner in Germany has not provided details on the blaze. Motor Authority reached out to Ford for comment on the fire, and received the following response: "We have been made aware that a new Ford GT caught fire in Germany. At this time, we do not have any further details on the cause of the incident, so we are unable to comment further. We understand that there have been no injuries related to this incident. Our engineers are working with the owner to understand more about the cause."

It's clear from the photos that the fire started at the rear of the car, likely near the engine compartment. We don't know what the GT, a Competition Series variant, was doing at the time the blaze ignited—whether it was idling, cruising, or traveling at a higher rate of speed. A preliminary report from the Munich police says the car was driving and probably caught fire because of a technical defect. The 52-year-old driver and his son escaped unharmed.

The GT's owner is a well-known enthusiast who also houses numerous other supercars in his collection. The GT had 43 miles on the odometer when the fire broke out, according to a Carscoops report. For what it's worth, the fire department was able to extinguish the blaze before it engulfed the entire car or spread to surrounding buildings. But, the rear end up through the passenger cabin is toast.