• McLaren Senna in Victory Gray

    Cars today are fast. Your average modern minivan could smoke your average Ferrari from the 1970s. As the standard road car has improved its performance metrics, so too have supercars. Run down a spec sheet and you'll wind up seeing numbers that will make your mind spin. According to the McLaren's Chief Operating Officer, the British company's road cars still have a lot of speed to gain as time marches forward. His name is Dr. Jens Ludmann, and speaking to Car Scoops at the Geneva Motor Show, the McLaren COO bluntly said that "If you see the trend of the past, you can anticipate the trend in...

  • hyundai genesis coupe pikes peak 2009 004
    Genesis Coupe sets new RWD Time Attack record at Pikes Peak

    Setting a new world record in any form of motorsport requires an incredible amount of skill, engineering and preparation - all the more so when its your own record that you're beating. But that's just what Hyundai has done this past weekend at Pikes Peak. Driving a specially prepared Hyundai...

  • edo speed gt bentley continental 007
    Bentley Continental GT goes under edo's knife

    It's not often that an aftermarket tuner and the OEM they're working on end up chasing the same goal, but in the case of Bentley's brand-new Supersports and edo's Speed GT, it's happened. Setting the goal of building Bentley's fastest GT ever, both came to very similar conclusions, using the...

  • maxximus g force 027
    Maxximus G-Force: a new fastest street-legal car contender

    The ongoing battle for the title of 'world's fastest production car' has seen the SSC Ultimate Aero TT dethrone the Bugatti Veyron for outright top speed, but now a new contender has entered the ring. The Maxximus G-Force, brain-child of David B. McMahan, hasn't made a top-speed run yet, but its...

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