• 2020 Hagerty Bull Market List

    Cars of the 1990s dominate Hagerty's list of top collector cars to buy in 2020.

  • 1980 Morris Marina 1700HL onto which Jeremy Clarkson dropped a piano from a crane
    Car on which Jeremy Clarkson dropped a piano is for sale, mid-restoration (it's a Morris Marina)

    Fans of the original "Top Gear" cast may vaguely recall an incident from a promotion for their new Amazon show in which Jeremy Clarkson dropped on a piano from a crane onto a small black sedan. You likely forgot the sedan, but remembered the piano. And the results. The hapless British car was...

  • 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, white
    Hagerty speculates on top 10 future classic cars, and we weigh in

    Wouldn't we all love to be Marty McFly? Then we could travel back in time to 1955, play Chuck Berry's 1958 song "Johnny B. Goode," and look like geniuses. The car guy equivalent would be going back to 1995, buying a Porsche 911 GT2 for just over six figures, socking it away for a couple decades...

  • 1968 Dodge Charger, Dodge Heritage Collection
    The top 10 classic cars to buy in 2017

    As we kick off the new year, it's a good time to look ahead at what's to come. Hagerty, the largest insurance provider for vintage cars in the United States, is doing that for the collector market. Hagerty knows its classic cars. The insurance company tracks collector car sales and is host to a...

  • Jay Leno drives a special Plymouth Business Coupe
    Jay Leno shares the story of a very special Plymouth Business Coupe

    Bob Sales has been a fixture in Jay Leno's life for many years now. Sadly, the longtime Big Dog Garage mechanic has lost a battle with cancer and passed on. One of the last cars he built is this 1950 Plymouth Business Coupe, and Jay wants to send it off to a good home. The plan is to use the money...

  • Porsche 911 R, Tour de France stage
    Porsche 911 Rs down to $700,000

    The Porsche 911 R is that one modern 911 that speaks to the enthusiast in all of us. Yes, the GT3RS is an insane-o machine but it's the purity of the 911 R that charms us so. It's also incredibly rare and delightfully expensive. Porsche produced just 991 examples and each wore an initial price tag...

  • The ultimate car collection is in a garage in Bahrain

    Any car collection has to start somewhere. For Khalid Mohammed Abdulrahim, that car was a Ferrari Enzo purchased from supercar dealer Romans International. His garage would soon find many additions so that Enzo wouldn't be lonely, and the result is a collection that many might consider one of the finest on the planet. If you're a Ferrari fan, you're going to love the F40 and F50 that accompany the Enzo. There's also a LaFerrari and a 288 GTO. Porsche fans can drool over the 918 Spyder, the 911 GT1, and the 1972 911 RS. Do you like British cars? You'll probably enjoy staring at the McLaren P1...

  • 1978 Ford LTD Country Squire wagon by Flickr user That Hartford Guy
    Are Wagons The Next Collector Cars?

    Classic car insurance and valuation specialists Hagerty made news last year by pointing out a surge in vintage SUV values, underscored by a Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser commanding nearly $90,000 at auction. If these humble workhorses are in demand, we have to wonder if wagons can be far behind. Some...

  • Submersible Lotus Esprit from James Bond flick ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’
    World's Largest James Bond Car Collection For Sale

    A collection of 59 James Bond vehicles will be sold as one lot.

  • The Muscle Cars Forever stamps, part of the America on the Move series
    The U.S. Postal Service Offers 'Muscle Cars Forever'

    If you’re a fan of muscle cars, with straight 40-weight in his veins and more horsepower in his garage than most villages in Europe, chances are good you don’t spend a lot of time hanging around the Post Office, waiting for the release of a new series of stamps. In fact, based on its...

  • A small part of Lingenfelter's collection.
    Big Muscle Visits The Best Car Collection You'll (Likely) Never See: Video

    If we said “Lingenfelter,” what would pop into your head? The answer is probably Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE), the tuning firm started by the late John Lingenfelter. Over the years LPE has turned out some pretty amazing creations, perhaps best known for their blend of...

  • Ford GT40 Mk I, chassis 1003. Image: Fiskens
    Rare Ford GT40 Mk I Up For Sale

    Ford’s GT40 racer was built with one goal in mind: to take on Ferrari and beat them on the race tracks of Europe. To that end, the GT40 was phenomenally successful, winning at Le Mans for four successive years and racking up an impressive string of victories on both sides of the Atlantic...

  • A Mark III Shelby Cobra at the 2012 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

    In 1962, a new sports car with a British body and an American V-8 engine appeared at the New York Auto Show. Built under the vision of Carroll Shelby, a Texas chicken farmer and racer, few could have envisioned that the Shelby Cobra on display would eventually become one of the most iconic cars in the automotive world. The story of the Shelby Cobra is filled with deals that fell apart or never came to fruition. A.C. Cars, the supplier of the body and chassis behind the Cobra, wasn’t Shelby’s first choice for a partner. It was only after Austin-Healey declined Shelby’s...

  • 1962 Ferrari 330 LM bearing chassis no. 3765
    Can A Collector Car Make A Sound Investment?

    Aspiring car collectors take heed, as we have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that collector cars can be legitimate investments, but the bad news is that the Cosworth Vega or original Mazda RX-7 parked in your driveway doesn’t fall into the serious collector-car investment...

  • The White House, Washington, D.C.  [Creative Commons license by dcjohn]
    New White House Petition Seeks To Loosen Vehicle Import Laws

    A petition before the White House seeks to lower the age of vehicle exemption from 25 years to 15 years.

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