The Porsche 911 R is that one modern 911 that speaks to the enthusiast in all of us. Yes, the GT3RS is an insane-o machine but it's the purity of the 911 R that charms us so. It's also incredibly rare and delightfully expensive. Porsche produced just 991 examples and each wore an initial price tag of around $186,000. Predictably, they all sold out immediately, and now if you want one you're going to pay quite a sum for the pleasure.

According to Motor1, two are for sale right now and each one is in the neighborhood of $700,000. An example in Norway has an asking price around $770,000 while a version in California will set you back $699,000. That's a whole lot of money for a used Porsche that doesn't have a 918 badge on the back.

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Still, this actually shows that the 911 R market is sliding back to relative reality. When the cars first launched, a few examples wound up being listed with price tags at or exceeding $1 million. Yes, the vintage Porsche market has exploded in recent years. Yes, the Porsche 911 R is an impossibly rare and wonderful model. No, you shouldn't be spending a million dollars on one.

There's a market correction in the works here, and it's possible that a forthcoming manual-gearbox-equipped GT3RS or GT2 could be helping to spur that along.


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