Just in time for the holiday season, Fisher-Price has a new Power Wheels Mustang based on the sixth-generation version of the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] icon.

There’s no hulking V-8 under the hood as the car is battery-powered. But that’s where the similarities with Power Wheels of old come to an end.

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Fisher-Price’s latest Power Wheels Mustang comes with what the company calls a Smart Drive powertrain. It’s a computer-controlled system that has traction and stability control. The traction control can detect slip and adjust motor speeds to suit. The stability control relies on a tilt sensor to detect when the car is reaching dangerous angles and, if necessary, turn off the motors to prevent rollovers.

The car is also equipped with a speed control system that allows parents to set limits between 1 and 5 mph. And instead of a simple on/off behavior, the electric motors can now ramp speed up or down, allowing quick off the line starts and short stopping distances. Finally, the sound the car makes has been tapped from a real Mustang and there’s an auxiliary input jack so the young ones can play their favorite tunes in the car.

The price for one of these babies is $359.