Bob Sales has been a fixture in Jay Leno's life for many years now. Sadly, the longtime Big Dog Garage mechanic has lost a battle with cancer and passed on. One of the last cars he built is this 1950 Plymouth Business Coupe, and Jay wants to send it off to a good home. The plan is to use the money from the sale to help support Sales' family. It's a cool ride being sold with great intentions to celebrate the life of a true hot rodder.

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This Business Coupe didn't get the full restomod treatment. However, this one is really nicely put together. Under the hood is a stroked 383-cid Chevrolet V-8 engine producing 425 horsepower, and it's backed up by a beefy automatic gearbox. That power is put to the ground efficiently through a Ford 9-inch rear end.

This Plymouth also has disc brakes and air conditioning. It was clearly built to be a supremely enjoyable driver and a bit of a sleeper hot rod at the same time. Jay is currently accepting offers on the car and he will let it go for the right price. He does want to help out Bob's family, after all.

At this point, maybe Jay should just buy it from the Sales family and tuck it into a corner of his garage. He could take it out on occasion and keep the car prowling the streets of Southern California like any good hot rod should.


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