• Transdev self-driving school bus

    After the NHTSA called its self-driving school bus operating in Florida "unlawful," French transport company Transdev will halt its autonomous vehicle. The NHTSA originally gave Transdev the approval to temporarily import the EZ Generation II bus for testing and demonstration purposes, but not to transport children to school. The NHTSA said the bus is in violation of its temporary import authorization. The company did not disclose its intentions to use the self-driving shuttle as a school bus. Such vehicles are subject to intense federal regulations that "take into account their unique...

  • Daimler-Thomas electric Jouley school bus
    The electric school bus of the future has arrived

    If Daimler has its way, the wheels on the bus will go round and round via electric motors and battery packs in the very near future. Last Friday, Daimler subsidiary Thomas Built Buses revealed the all-electric Saf-T-Liner C2 "Jouley" school bus. The nickname "Jouley" comes from the word "Joule,"...

  • Google Maps' Live Transit Update
    Car In The Shop? Google Maps Tells You How Late The Bus Is: Video

    The only thing more annoying than putting your car in the shop is waiting to catch the bus the next day. It's such a common frustration, it made up Everywoman Sandra Bullock's entire backstory in Speed. The worst part is that while some transit systems offer updates to commuters, indicating when...

  • Willer Express luxury Japanese bus
    Don't Like Your Fellow Bus Passengers? Crawl Into A Cocoon!

    If you regularly use public transport, you should start writing to your local transit authority, because the Japanese have an idea that could make things a lot more pleasant! Passengers travelling on the Willer Express between the sprawling cities of Osaka and Tokyo in Japan get to enjoy a first...

  • Partridge Family bus via Wikimedia
    Yes, People Will Take The Bus -- But Only With Help From Apps

    Here's a question that we've heard a lot at High Gear Media: what does it take to get people to ditch their cars and take alternate transportation? Soaring gas prices make people travel less but don't really change their travel methods. Having an abundance of mass transit options doesn't have much...

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