If you regularly use public transport, you should start writing to your local transit authority, because the Japanese have an idea that could make things a lot more pleasant!

Passengers travelling on the Willer Express between the sprawling cities of Osaka and Tokyo in Japan get to enjoy a first class level of comfort in their own private cocoon.

The bus only has twelve seats, but each of those is your own personal relaxation pod. Each seat has the ability to recline by 140 degrees should you wish to take a nap, and if you're wide awake you can make best use of your cocoon's own personal entertainment system, that gives you power outlets for your gadgets and even Wi-Fi, so you can tell the world what an awesome bus ride you're having.

The pods even offer some privacy, so whilst it's still not secluded enough to dis-robe, you can still avoid too much contact with your nearest passengers, sparing you from potential inane chatter, irritating personal habits or that scourge of public transport, a neighbor with body odour...

As you'd expect, such luxury does come at a cost. The first is time, at six or seven hours compared to the three or four of a train ride, and the second is the $130 one-way it'd cost you. Still, what price can you put on luxury? For the businessman with time to kill, it could be the perfect method of transportation.

Unfortunately, we can't see Greyhound buses adopting something similar any time soon...

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