• 2020 Borgward BX3

    A Chinese-backed revival of historic German brand Borgward has likely reached the end of the road.

  • 2020 Borgward BX3
    Borgward returns with BX3 subcompact crossover

    The revival of historic German brand Borgward continues with the launch of the BX3 subcompact crossover SUV.

  • 2016 Borgward BX7
    Borgward's Chinese backer seeks new investors to support brand's expansion

    Chinese automaker Foton announced a week ago that it will sell a 67-percent stake in Borgward to attract new investors and help the revived German automaker expand sales into new markets. Foton acquired the rights to the Borgward brand in 2014 and helped fund its revival. Under the sale plan, Foton...

  • 2019 Borgward BX6
    Borgward joins coupe-like crossover craze with BX6

    Historic German brand Borgward has unveiled its third model since its revival in 2015, the BX6 coupe-like crossover SUV. Borgward first showed a concept of the BX6 in 2016 but the company finally rolled out the production version on May 9 during a special ceremony in Beijing. The BX6 is Borgward's...

  • Borgward Isabella concept, 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show
    Borgward Isabella concept brings a storied name back from the past

    Borgward emerged in the early to mid-1900s as an underdog German automaker that would, after some great successes, fold in the early 1960s. However, the storied brand was reincarnated in 2008 and the brand showed a new production model, the BX7 SUV, in 2015. Now, Borgward is looking to the future...

  • Teaser for Borgward concept car debuting at 2017 Frankfurt auto show
    Borgward bringing a modern Isabella to the Frankfurt auto show?

    Revived German automaker Borgward is planning something special for September’s 2017 Frankfurt auto show. The automaker recently released a teaser image for a Frankfurt-bound concept car which is believed to be a low-slung, sporty coupe. Along with the teaser, Borgward released the tag line...

  • 2019 Borgward BXi7

    Revived German car brand Borgward, backed by state-owned Chinese automaker BAIC, unveiled its first model in almost 50 years during the 2015 Frankfurt auto show. The model was a mid-size SUV called the BX7 that Borgward started selling in China in 2016. The BX7, which is also built in China, has proven to be a success, with sales in its first eight months totaling 30,000 units. Borgward started selling its second model in China a month ago. The second model, which is also built in China, is a compact SUV called the BX5. Also planned is a coupe-like version of the BX5 to be called the BX6...

  • Borgward BX5 and Projekt BX6 TS
    Mini design boss Anders Warming moves to Borgward

    Danish designer Anders Warming has left the BMW Group where he worked for the past 16 years to join fellow German automaker Borgward. Borgward went out of business more than half a century ago but was recently revived by a descendant of the founder of the original company, as well as Chinese...

  • Borgward BX5 and Projekt BX6 TS
    Borgward brings BX5 and BX6 TS plug-in hybrid SUVs to Geneva

    Revived German carmaker Borgward unveiled two new models at this week's 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Like the BX7 unveiled last fall at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, they're both crossovers, and are likely aimed at the Chinese market. Both have plug-in hybrid powertrains. The Borgward BX5 is a smaller...

  • Teaser for new Borgward debuting at 2016 Geneva Motor Show
    Borgward Bringing Something New To 2016 Geneva Motor Show

    Revived German automaker Borgward made headlines last year when it rolled out the BX7 SUV at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The mid-size SUV was the first new Borgward in half a century, but it's destined to be just the first in a handful of new models the company is planning. Borgward has just announced...

  • 2016 Borgward BX7
    2016 Borgward BX7 first look

    After remaining dormant for almost half a century, Germany’s Borgward is finally back with a new model. The company unveiled the BX7 at the 2015 Frankfurt auto show. The modern incarnation of Borgward has little to do with the company that went bankrupt in 1961 and was at one point one of the...

  • Teaser for new Borgward SUV debuting at 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show
    Borgward Teases Its First New Car In More Than 50 Years

    Many readers won’t be familiar with historic German brand Borgward, since the company originally went bankrupt back in 1961. That’s set to change, however, as a revival is in the works, with brand founder Carl F. W. Borgward’s grandson Christian Borgward and Chinese industrial...

  • Borgward logo

    The last Borgward rolled off the assembly nearly half a century ago. But that isn't stopping the grandson of the founder together with Chinese truck company Foton from trying to resurrect the long-dead German luxury brand. And now Ulrich Walker—ex-chief of Daimler China—has joined the team. As Automotive News (subscription required) recently wrote, Walker is aware of the steep climb he faces in the endeavor, stating the marque has "a long way to go." DON'T MISS: Original Fast And Furious Toyota Supra Sells For $185,000 At Auction In other news, the company announced it would...

  • 1957 Borgward Isabella Coupe
    Borgward Displays Past, Announces Plans For Future In Geneva

    When we learned China's Foton was going to officially relaunch—after half a century of dormancy—Germany's Borgward marque at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, we thought the company's long-rumored concept might finally be ready for prime time. MUST WATCH: Here's A ‘Furious 7’...

  • Borgward Geneva Motor Show Teaser
    China's Foton Set To Launch Revival Of Borgward At The Geneva Motor Show

    Even among auto enthusiasts, the Borgward name isn't particularly well known. During its heyday, the brand was distinguished by its use of advanced technology, but the last time a car sporting the Borgward badge rolled off the line in Germany, the Beatles were playing the Cavern Club, John F...

  • Borgward starts testing new prototype
    Borgward Starts Testing New Prototype

    German car manufacturer Borgward, which went bankrupt back in 1961, is set to make a revival according to latest reports from Dutch media. Leading the company’s return is Christian Borgward, the grandson of Carl Borgward who was the original founder. Borgward, with the help of several...

  • Borgward set to return after 45 year hiatus
    Borgward Set To Return After 45-Year Hiatus

    German car manufacturer Borgward, which went bankrupt back in 1961, is set to make a revival according to reports from German media. Leading the company’s return is Christian Borgward, the grandson of Carl Borgward who was the original founder. Borgward, with the help of several investors...

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