2011 Hyundai Sonata

  • City of Detroit, by jdurchen [Flickr]

    It's another winter of discontent in the Motor City, with automakers still reeling from bankruptcies, new fuel and safety rules, and a world that cares roughly half as much about buying new cars and trucks as it did 18 months ago. Still, as we plumb the depths the 2010 Detroit Auto Show this week, the predictions of gloom are at least being cut into bite-sized pieces. General Motors seems to finally be rid of its underperforming brands. Chrysler's sending out greetings in Italian. Ford's electrifying nearly everything it can touch. Toyota is coming to grips with its own problems at home and...

  • Hyundai Gasoline Direct Injection Theta II Four-Cylinder Engine
    Hyundai's New Direct-Injection Four-Cylinder To Debut On 2011 Sonata

    Talk of killing off the V-6 Sonata may be premature, however.

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