• Cadillac doesn't plan to abandon the sedan segment
  • The automaker will launch an electric sedan "at some point"
  • A concept might preview the electric sedan in the near future

Combined sales of Cadillac's CT4 and CT5 sedans are less than 30,000 units annually in the U.S., but the brand doesn't plan to give up on the segment in the era of electric vehicles.

Drive reported on Wednesday that General Motors design chief Mike Simcoe said during a recent media briefing that Cadillac will introduce a new sedan into its lineup at some point in the future.

He didn't refer to the sedan as an EV but Cadillac as recently as May said it aims to have an electric option in multiple segments. It previously aimed to be a fully electric brand by the end of the decade, though slower than expected demand for EVs has caused Cadillac—and several other automakers—to simmer down EV ambitions.

Cadillac already offers the limited-edition Celestiq, which the brand refers to as a sedan even though it's actually a hatchback. However, it's priced at $340,000, making it out of reach for most buyers. Any future electric sedan from Cadillac will likely be priced in line with the brand's electric SUVs.

Lenny Kravitz and GM design chief Mike Simcoe with the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq

Lenny Kravitz and GM design chief Mike Simcoe with the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq

The wait for an electric sedan from Cadillac might not be a long, at least for a concept. The brand in March teased a concept called the Opulent Velocity, which is meant to preview Cadillac's plans for high-performance EVs. A video showed the concept briefly, and it looks like it might be a sedan.

Before any electric sedan shows up, there will be more SUVs, a segment Simcoe reportedly called a “necessary evil.” Cadillac in May showed the 2025 Optiq compact crossover. The Escalade IQ full-size SUV also arrives for 2025, and further out the brand will add the Vistiq three-row crossover.