• Rivian isn't waiting for the aftermarket to design accessories for its electric trucks
  • The R1T electric truck's bed could host cargo boxes, according to a new patent application
  • Packaging innovation is a calling card of Rivian's at this point

Rivian is working on a new system of clamps to secure cargo in the beds of pickup trucks.

In a patent application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in early 2023, but only published by the agency on May 30, Rivian discusses bed-mounted decking with pressure-operated latches. Force applied to the latches causes them to open or close, securing cargo to the decking.

The application goes on to discuss cargo boxes that could be lashed to the bed using this clamping system. The boxes would be able to open on two sides, providing further flexibility for accessing items once the boxes are stowed in the cargo bed.

It also creates more possibilities for accessories—and thus more potential revenue from customers. Just as the automaker offers a camp kitchen that slots into the R1T pickup truck's Gear Tunnel, it could offer specially designed boxes that work with its in-bed clamps and decking. In the same vein, another recent patent filing from the automaker shows a deployable roof-top canopy.

Patent image of Rivian bed-mounted decking and cargo boxes

Patent image of Rivian bed-mounted decking and cargo boxes

This is also just one of several recent Rivian patent filings relating to cargo management. Recent patent searches have also uncovered a bed rack system and a powered cargo bay divider. None of these features are guaranteed to reach production, but Rivian is clearly leaving no stone unturned when it comes to improving the functionality of its vehicles.

Rivian also has some new vehicles in the pipeline, starting with the R2 SUV due in 2026. Smaller R3 and R3X hatchbacks will follow the R2 at some unspecified future date, and a trademark filing indicates Rivian is also considering performance versions of the its current R1-platform vehicles.