Volkswagen last week unveiled a rugged concept car derived from its ID.4 electric compact crossover.

Dubbed the Volkswagen ID.Xtreme, the concept is based on the ID.4 GTX, the name for the the dual-motor all-wheel drive version of the ID.4 outside the U.S. It sports tougher-looking styling, raised suspension, and more power.

A more powerful rear motor and software changes increase total output by 87 hp over the standard ID.4 GTX, for a total of 382 hp. For reference, the U.S.-market ID.4 is currently rated at 295 hp with all-wheel drive and 201 hp with rear-wheel drive. VW didn't quote performance figures for the concept but previously said the stock ID.4 GTX will do 0-62 mph in 6.2 seconds, with a top speed electronically limited to 112 mph.

Volkswagen ID.Xtreme concept

Volkswagen ID.Xtreme concept

Other changes include 18-inch off-road wheels housed in 3D-printed fender flares, along with a front push bar and a roof rack with an LED light bar. The interior gets some Alcantara trim, revamped seats, and orange accents. VW also gave the concept a unique sound, projected externally through a speaker in a wheelwell.

The vehicle itself is a surplus ID.4 GTX prototype, with a used 82-kwh battery pack. It's not the first off-road ID.4 one-off, though. VW has built ID.4 racers for the NORRA Mexican 1000 and Rebelle Rally.

The ID.Xtreme was unveiled in Locarno, Switzerland, at ID.Treffen, an event for EV fans modeled on the annual Wörthersee enthusiast gathering in Austria. VW traditionally unveils concepts at that event, so perhaps we'll see more concepts like the ID.Xtreme if ID.Treffen takes off.