Alpine is developing a trio of electric vehicles that will be introduced starting in 2024. A preview of one of them could come as early as the 2022 Paris auto show starting Oct. 17.

The French performance marque announced last week plans to showcase a concept described as the embodiment of its future product strategy and a new stage in its transformation into an EV company.

No further details were mentioned, but Alpine's planned EVs are expected to include a crossover, a hot hatchback, and an A110-replacing sports car.

The hot hatch will come first. It's due in 2024 and is thought to be a tuned version of parent company Renault's upcoming modern 5 hatchback inspired by the original 5 of the 1970s, sold in the U.S. as the Le Car.

3 Alpine electric cars teased during presentation on June 30, 2021

3 Alpine electric cars teased during presentation on June 30, 2021

The crossover, to be called the GT X-Over, is due in 2025 and is already out testing in prototype form.

The sports car is due in 2026. It's being developed alongside Lotus' spiritual successor to the Elise, and will use a Lotus platform known as the E-Sports.

Joining the Alpine concept at the Paris show will be a modern interpretation of the Renault 4 hatchback, also known as the 4L. In production for more than 30 years, the 4 is a significant vehicle in Renault's history, just like the 5, so it's no surprise Renault is resurrecting the car.

Renault also plans to show an electric version of its Kangoo compact van in Paris, as well as a concept thought to be related to the modern 5 project.