Owners of the original Issigonis-designed Mini can now have their cars converted to run on electricity under a new program called Mini Recharged, which is being handled at the Mini factory in Oxford, U.K.

The program sees the original engine, transmission and exhaust removed and a battery and electric motor installed. Mini is light on details but said the electric motor delivers a maximum 120 hp, which is enough for 0-60 mph acceleration in about nine seconds.

The battery is big enough to deliver an estimated range of close to 100 miles, meaning the conversion will only suit buyers who plan to remain in urban environments. The maximum rate for charging is 6.6 kilowatts.

The Mini Recharged team also updates the central instrument cluster so that it displays remaining range instead of fuel, and whether you're in reverse, neutral or drive. A charging port is also added to the rear, where the fuel filler cap normally sits.

Mini Recharged EV conversion for classic models

Mini Recharged EV conversion for classic models

Mini said the conversion doesn't require new registration of the vehicle, and can be reversed should the customer desire. The removed internal-combustion components can be marked and stored.

Pricing for the program hasn't been announced.

Mini first hinted at the program when it rolled out a converted classic Mini at the 2018 New York International Auto Show. Mini said at the time that the vehicle represented its commitment to retaining the brand’s unmistakable character while embracing modern powertrain technology. This is important as Mini plans to go the full-electric route around the end of the decade.

Mini isn't the only company offering an EV conversion for the classic Mini. A firm by the name of Swindon Powertrain in 2020 announced its own EV conversion kit, though it wasn't cheap.