Ford on Monday unveiled a redesigned Mondeo sedan in China.

Mondeo is the name previous-generation Fusions were sold under outside of North America, making the Mondeo unveiled on Monday the car Ford might have sold in the U.S. as a redesigned Fusion, were the automaker still selling sedans here. We still hope Ford changes its mind.

The new Mondeo was designed and developed in China, and right now that's the only market confirmed to receive it. It starts deliveries later this year, with its production to be handled at a plant run by Ford and its Chinese partner Changan.

The car is a corporate cousin to the new Lincoln Zephyr that was unveiled last fall and also developed for the Chinese market. A stretched version of Ford's C2 platform is thought to underpin them. The front-wheel-drive platform is found in multiple Fords, including the Bronco Sport and Maverick sold here.

2022 Lincoln Zephyr

2022 Lincoln Zephyr

The Mondeo's styling clearly takes inspiration from the Mustang, particularly when it comes to the muscular stance, short rear deck, and taillight signature. Interesting elements include the full-width light bar at the front, pop-out door handles, and touch-sensitive rear badge that opens the trunk lid.

Ford is yet to show the interior but we can expect a wide screen spanning the dash, similar to what we see in the Zephyr. Such a design also features in the related Ford Evos crossover sold in China.

Ford is light on details but the Mondeo should have similar powertrain offerings to the Zephyr, which is being launched with a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 and 8-speed automatic. Hybrid power is likely to be offered at some point.

But what about a Fusion replacement for the U.S. market? Ford is expected to offer a vehicle blending car and crossover elements, akin to a soft-roader. Don't be surprised if such a model is badged a Fusion Active. The Active designation is what Ford uses for soft-roaders it sells overseas, like the Fiesta Active and Focus Active.