You can already make payments with your phone, and soon you will be able to do so with your Mercedes-Benz using just a fingerprint for authentication.

Mercedes already has its own Mercedes Pay system that allows users to purchase items or services from the car, but now it's teamed up with Visa to make the process easier and more widely available.

Instead of having to key in a pin, all that's required for authentication is a fingerprint scan. The payment is then handled via Visa’s new Cloud Token Framework.

Mercedes-Benz and Visa in-car payments

Mercedes-Benz and Visa in-car payments

Cloud Token Framework is essentially an online payment system where stored authentication data is made secure using individual digital tokens that remove any sensitive payment information by encrypting the data before storing it. This makes payments much easier, for example when using a new service, as you no longer need to enter long card numbers to complete a purchase.

It also makes it possible to pair multiple devices with the car, so more than one user can make payments with a fingerprint scan.

The feature will be rolled out in Europe starting next spring, initially in Germany and the U.K. Availability in other markets is yet to be announced.