Lamborghini has set itself the goal of curbing its carbon emissions by 50% from current levels by the year 2025, and will rely on electrification to realize it.

In a presentation held on Tuesday at Lamborghini's headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, CEO Stephan Winkelman laid out the company's electrification strategy for the coming decade—a strategy that will include both hybrids and electric cars.

Lamborghini has already dabbled with mild-hybrid technology with the limited-production Sian supercar launched in 2019, but more hybrids are coming soon, this time as permanent fixtures of the lineup.

Winkelman confirmed plans to add Lamborghini's first regular-production hybrid in 2023 on the way to a full-hybrid lineup by the end of 2024. He didn't say what type of hybrid technology is planned, though his predecessor, Stefano Domenicali, in 2018 said plug-in hybrid technology would make it into Lamborghini's future cars, including the successors to the Aventador and Huracan supercars.

Stephan Winkelmann

Stephan Winkelmann

Performance and the Lamborghini driving experience will remain paramount, so look for new lightweight technology as well as increased use of advanced composite materials to compensate for the added weight of electrification, Winkelman said.

Lamborghini will invest more than 1.5 billion euros ($1.83 billion) over the next four years to electrify its lineup.

Looking further out, Lamborghini will launch its first fully electric vehicle. It will be a fourth model line and arrive sometime in the second half of the decade. Winkelman didn't say what form this fourth model will take, but Domenicali in 2019 hinted at a fourth model line likely being a 2+2 grand tourer, something akin to a modern Espada.

But before all of these electrified models arrive, Lamborghini will continue to offer special versions of its existing cars, including two V-12 models in 2021 alone. Some of these are expected to be homages to past Lamborghini cars. Rumor has it that one of them will be a Countach-inspired model with the same super-capacitor, mild-hybrid powertrain as the Sian.