Porsche a year ago announced that its next-generation Macan will be a battery-electric model based on a dedicated EV platform being developed jointly by Porsche and fellow Volkswagen Group brand Audi.

It's expected to debut in 2022 or 2023, which is about when the current Macan will be reaching the end of Porsche's typical seven-year lifecycle. But even at that date not everyone will be ready to make the switch to an EV so Porsche will continue selling the current Macan alongside the redesigned model for at least three years, Car and Driver reported on Monday citing a senior-level source.

The current Macan was updated for 2019 and remains the automaker's best seller. Nevertheless, it will receive another update when the electric version arrives so that the two share similar styling, the source revealed.

The source also revealed that Porsche won't offer the current Macan with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, simply because the required battery would eat too much into the trunk space. A mild-hybrid setup could be introduced instead.

Despite the plan to extend the life of the internal-combustion-powered Macan, Porsche remains committed to launching more EVs. The automaker estimates that 50 percent of its sales could be EVs by as early as 2025.