Every now and again, we hear about a dealer selling showroom-supercharged muscle coupes with a dealer-backed (if not factory-backed) warranty and financing all baked right in. One dealer in Tennessee is upping the ante with a Hellcat-rivaling Roush R2650 TVS setup for just $40,000—including the donor Mustang GT.

Since a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat retails for $62,000, a 700-horsepower Mustang for about 65 percent of the price may sound a bit too good to be true, and it may be, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, you're getting a factory warranty for the bumper-to-bumper stuff and a dealer warranty for the 700 horsepower. On the other, there's more to a Hellcat than just a supercharger.

The Hellcat's bigger brakes, heavy-duty cooling system, beefed-up transmission, bigger wheels and wider tires are nowhere to be found. Sure, you can add those on by ticking the box for a Mustang GT's performance packages, but a track-ready Mustang GT will run you well north of $45,000 before you add anything on; you won't be taking the whole shebang home for $39,995. 

Brown Lee Performance (the hot-rodding division of Brown Lee Ford) reckons its buyers don't care so much about that part, or if they do, they're planning to tackle the other parts DIY style. Brown Lee is looking for shoppers who want the convenience and peace of mind of a turnkey Hellcat hunter. 

"We wanted to provide affordable turnkey excitement in a Mustang package that would give our customers a thrill and peace of mind with a warranty at the same time," said Brock Patterson, National Specialty Vehicle Manager, Brown Lee Performance. "They can fully finance the car with the Roush package and drive away in a vehicle that is tuned for maximum performance and fun."

If you're interested, Brown Lee will start churning out its Roush-supercharged pony cars in December.