The ID 3 wasn’t the only big unveiling Volkswagen had at the 2019 Frankfurt motor show. In addition to its long awaited electric hatchback, VW used the bright lights of the Frankfurt show to introduce a new version of its iconic logo.

As promised, the new logo is flat and appears to be two-dimensional; VW’s previous logo was shaded, which added some depth. VW also removed the mirror-like finish on the V and W and replaced it with a single-color motif.

As for colors, the logo isn’t locked into one hue, but VW is keeping things simple by restricting the pallet to white and a few shades of blue. VW’s old logo featured a blue background.

According to VW, the new logo “will allow more flexible use and will be outstandingly recognizable in digital media.”

In addition to the new logo, VW is also rolling out a unique sound "logo" for the first time. The sound will play when the VW sign is flashed on any of the automaker’s digital media.

Rounding out the changes for the brand, VW will switch to a female voice for its advertising.

European VW dealers will switch to the new branding immediately. Chinese VW dealers will begin the switchover in October, while sales outlets in North and South America will adopt the new signage in 2020.