The Ford Performance Racing School is a great way to hone your driving skills. Attendees receive in-class and on-track training from professional drivers in either one- or two-day class sessions. But what if you want your Ford Performance Racing School experience to last a lot longer? Well, you’re in luck.

The driving school announced in an email to past students that it’s selling 14 of its highly modified Ford Mustang Boss 302FRS race cars. The email labeled the offer to purchase one of the race-prepped Mustangs as “exclusive,” so unfortunately you might be out of luck if you’ve never attended one of the school’s programs.

Ford Mustang Boss 302FRS

Ford Mustang Boss 302FRS

Those who received the Ford Racing School email have the opportunity to purchase a Mustang Boss 302 that was used by the school and modified for competition in the National Auto Sport Association’s Super Touring class. The list of upgrades is impressive and includes a 5.0-liter V-8 with 444 horsepower, an FIA-approved roll cage, a race-tuned suspension, Brembo brakes, an upgraded manual transmission with a racing-spec clutch, a Recaro race seat, and a fire-suppression system, just to name a few.

The cost to own one of the 14 race-prepped Mustangs is $45,000, which isn’t a bad deal, all things considered. The cheapest V-8 Mustang you can buy from the factory is about $37,000, and it would cost well over $8,000 to bring it up to the school’s “FRS” spec.

Although all 14 cars are identically prepared and feature the same basic livery, you do at least get some choice when it comes to color. Available colors include red, white, silver, green, black, and blue, and all cars are accented with stripes in either black, green, silver, white, red, or yellow.

Those interested in purchasing one of these race cars can contact Tommy Rhinehart at (435) 277-8789 or email [email protected]. The cars will be available for pick up by October 20, 2019, though the date is subject to change, and buyers are responsible for vehicle pick up.

With only 14 units available, you better act fast if you can.