Ford is saying goodbye to the current Mustang Boss 302. The automaker said right from the get-go that this track-bred beast would only be around for a two-year model run, and it appears the Blue Oval brand is sticking to that promise. Ford is prepping the Mustang lineup with minor changes in 2014 so as to get ready for the revamped 2015 model.

Still, there are examples of the Boss 302 still floating around if you're in the market. In fact, one enterprising dealer in Ypsilanti, Michigan has a low-mileage 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca in his showroom. It can be yours too, if you're ready to part with $200,000.

According to Road & Track, Gene Butman Ford acquired this particular Mustang after it made the rounds as a press car. That's right, it's technically a used $200,000 Ford Mustang Boss 302, and it's been touched, poked, prodded, and pushed by ham-fisted automotive journalists across the country. The odometer shows that 4,190 miles have come and gone, so there is certainly plenty of life left on this coupe.

The asking price is certainly sky high, but taking a closer look at the numbers listed on the intake manifold states that this is car "MP 001". This may just mean that it's the first Laguna Seca plucked off the assembly line. That would help justify the price. The dealership listed the car on eBay, where it only climbed to a few ticks over $66k and failed to meet its reserve price.

Perhaps Gene Butman should lock this car in a garage and trot it out at Barrett-Jackson 2030...