At the recent 2013 New York Auto Show, Jaguar took the covers off a hardcore, track-focused version of its already extreme XKR-S, the new 2014 XKR-S GT, which can best be described as a race car made street legal.

The XKR-S GT was meant to be a limited edition special, built for Jaguar’s most loyal fans, though it’s proven so popular that the automaker plans to increase numbers (only 25 were originally intended) and eventually offer the extreme option across its lineup.

The information was revealed by Jaguar design studio director Wayne Burgess during a recent interview with Edmunds.

He explained that “R” badged cars (XFR, XJR, XKR) offer the first level of non-standard performance from Jaguar, and are aimed at buyers looking for something a bit sportier than the regular range but aren’t quite looking to make a statement.

These are followed by the R-S cars (XFR-S, XKR-S), which offer all the performance any sane person would ever need on the street. These essentially rival the cars from BMW M and Mercedes AMG.

Then there are the the R-S GT cars, which currently consist of just the XKR-S GT but will likely include an XFR-S GT and an F-Type R-S GT eventually. These are handbuilt cars with overt performance and are akin to something like Mercedes AMG’s Black Series cars.

Note, these labels may also be applied to models from sister company Land Rover. A sportier version of the latest 2014 Range Rover Sport has been spied during development and is rumored to adopt R-S badging.