It's been just over three years since famed automotive designer Henrik Fisker announced plans to launch a new EV startup under the name of his previous attempt, Fisker Automotive.

Since then, the new Fisker (officially Fisker Inc.) has unveiled the EMotion sedan and announced it is developing solid-state batteries. Now, Fisker is ready to show us a new model, the Ocean SUV, which will debut at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 7.

“I have been eagerly waiting to show our revolutionary Fisker Ocean luxury SUV to the public, so we decided to debut the full prototype, reflecting the actual production vehicle, at CES,” said Henrik Fisker, CEO and chairman of Fisker.

While plans for the EMotion and solid-state batteries have been put on the back burner, Fisker is already accepting reservations for the Ocean and aims to start production in late 2021, with deliveries to follow in early 2022. No production site has been announced but Fisker has hired some former manufacturing execs from Toyota and Volkswagen.

Henrik Fisker

Henrik Fisker

The Ocean is a small SUV that Fisker has previously said will be priced from below $40,000 for anyone looking to purchase one outright, undercutting the rival Tesla Model Y which is promised with a starting price of $41,200. You'll also be able to lease one from $379 per month, with the lease price including the cost of all repairs and maintenance.

For the interior, Fisker has previously said there will be a large head-up display and a “unique” interface complemented by high-quality materials. There will also be something called a “California Mode,” which Fisker said will allow occupants to “experience the sun, fresh air and an open feeling without being in a convertible.”

The Ocean will come with rear- and all-wheel-drive options, plus an 80-kilowatt-hour battery good for up to 300 miles on a charge. Speaking of charging, Fisker has partnered with Electrify America to develop a charging system for the Ocean that will allow 200 miles of range to be delivered in just 30 minutes of charging. The Ocean features a CCS Type 2 Combo plug.

The Ocean is one of three “affordable models” on the drawing board at Fisker. The other two will follow the SUV and then Fisker plans to launch its EMotion sedan which could retail for as much as $190,000 in top grade.