Morgan has built its final cars powered by a V-8 engine, but rather than mourn the event the company has chosen to celebrate it by releasing a video that farewells the V-8 cars and provides a tease of what comes next.

The video features Morgan Chief Test Driver Keith Dalley and follows him on his final V-8 test drive. The video ends with a look at some notable Morgan V-8s launched over the years, before closing with a tease of the engine note of Morgan's next flagship. The new car is referred to as the “wide-body Morgan,” and judging from the sound its engine makes it will be fitted with a turbocharged 6-cylinder. There are rumors the chassis is borrowed from Aston Martin's second-generation Vanquish.

As for Morgan's final V-8 cars, they were an Aero 8 and a Plus 8, which the Malvern, United Kingdom-based company said Tuesday it will keep for its heritage collection. The two cars mark the end of a 50-year run of V-8-powered Morgans.

2018 Morgan Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition

2018 Morgan Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition

It all started in the early 1960s when the first Plus 8 was conceived by Peter Morgan, son of Morgan founder Henry Morgan. The original prototype then followed at the 1968 Earls Court Motor Show, with the car essentially an enhanced version of Morgan's Plus 4 but with a Rover V-8 installed up front and a host of premium, hand-crafted parts thrown in.

In more recent years, Morgan has relied on a BMW V-8, specially the 4.8-liter that featured in many of the German auto giant's cars last decade. The engine only delivers 367 horsepower, but in the Aero 8 and Plus 8 you're looking at a curb weight of about 2,425 pounds. In other words, 367 hp is more than enough to provide plenty of thrills.

As for what comes next, we'll find out soon as the new flagship is coming in 2019, which is Morgan's 110th year in business. As a flagship, it will be positioned at the premium end of the Morgan product range, sitting above the Roadster, Plus 4 and 4/4 in price and performance terms. The car is not designed to be a direct replacement for the outgoing Plus 8 and Aero 8, but it will naturally fit into the space in the Morgan product range left by both. Stay tuned.