Chevrolet Corvette buyers aren't a group looking for vast amounts of cargo room or passenger space. However, those who would really like to fit more than one passenger should take a gander at this, um, oddball.

It's a 1980 Chevrolet Corvette with four doors and room for a driver plus three passengers. Motor1 reported Monday that the car is allegedly one of six stretched Corvettes California Custom Coach built years ago. Supposedly, this example is one of two that remain. Apparently, the other four had had enough of this world.

To create the four-door Corvette, the shop literally fused together two C3-generation Corvettes. This particular car is said to be in very good condition (relatively speaking) with a tick over 21,000 miles on the odometer. Under the hood sits the C3 Corvette's standard engine of the time: a 5.7-liter V-8 that produces around 200 horsepower paired to a 4-speed automatic transmission. These were not golden years for America's sports car with regard to horsepower. And this is not a golden example of customization.

The car is currently for sale in Milpitas, California, with an asking price of $217,203. That's a lot of coin for something so heretical in Corvette lore and unbecoming in appearance. Corvettes are supposed to be two-doors. At least it's quite unique. If the production numbers were, in fact, limited to six cars and only two survive, this would indeed be a quirky footnote in the nameplate's history. Then again, $217,000 can buy a handful of C7 Corvette models, and even two examples of the all-powerful Corvette ZR1.

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Surely someone will scoop up this four-door Corvette as a conversation piece, if anything. If the owner gets more than $200,000 for it, we'll be quite surprised.