Come the 2019 Formula One season, Pirelli will make it simpler to understand the types of tires used during Grand Prix weekends. The tire company announced last week it will move to a new three-color system.

The colors will still represent hard, medium and soft tire choices but each color will now represent more than one compound. White will denote all the hard compounds, yellow all the medium, and red all the soft. Additionally, the colors for the Cinturato intermediate tire and full wet tires will remain green and blue, respectively. In other words, unchanged from the current practice.

All the same compounds will be there, however. The actual tire compounds will differ for each hard, medium, and soft tire depending on the circuit. For example, Pirelli said a red tire for Monaco will differ greatly from a red tire at another race such as Silverstone.

Pirelli as usual will reveal each type of compound available before every race for the 2019 season, which the company said makes it easier for every fan to understand the tires used. Casual fans can quickly identify what type of tire with the color system, while those looking for more info will know what kind of compounds are available for the particular circuit.

The company plans to reveal the various types of tire compounds available, covering a wide spectrum from soft to hard, in December. Those who aren't F1 racers can also buy our own Pirelli colored tires for road cars. Last year, Pirelli revealed colored edition tires in red, yellow, silver, and white.