The Ford GT that caught fire and burned to the ground in Germany has led to a recall for the supercar. The automaker announced on Wednesday that it recall 194 GTs from the 2017 and 2018 model years to address a fire risk.

Earlier this year, Ford was on the scene after a German owner's GT caught fire with 43 miles on the odometer. The driver and his son escaped from the car with no injuries, but the car was a total loss. At the time, Ford said it was investigating the matter further. Now we know the problem stems from leaky valves in a valve block assembly located below the hydraulically actuated rear wing. Should the valves succumb to too much pressure, they'll start leaking fluid, which can drip down onto the exhaust system and cause a fire. Occasionally, too much pressure builds in the hydraulic valve block below the wing.

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Ford GT catches fire in Germany

Ford GT catches fire in Germany

It explains why the entire rear end of the GT in Germany was burnt, while the front end was basically untouched. At the time of the fire, German police said the owner was simply driving the car and wasn't moving at a high rate of speed.

The recall affects cars built between Dec. 20, 2016 and July 31, 2018. Ford will fix the problem with new software to prevent too much pressure from squeezing fluid out of the valves. However, some models will also be fitted with a hydraulic check valve and filter. In some cases, new O-rings will also be installed.

As for the GT in Germany, Ford took care of the owner, who is a well-known car collector. The automaker built a brand new GT for the owner with the same equipment and the same silver-and-black color scheme as the first car. It's unclear who covered the replacement cost, but the owner said Ford bumped him back to the top of the build list, rather than making him wait.