After a German owner watched his new Ford GT erupt into flames in June, the U.S. automaker has built a replacement car in the identical specification. 

The owner, who goes by the handle muc.collector on Instagram, posted a photo on Saturday showing his replacement Ford GT after a fire turned the car into a total loss. Ford hasn't released details surrounding the fire, but we know the flames began in the engine bay, which quickly engulfed the rear of the supercar. In an initial statement to Motor Authority, Ford said, "Our engineers are working with the owner to understand more about the cause." We reached out to Ford, and a spokesman said the company is still investigating.

A report from the time of the incident noted the owner was driving the car casually in Munich when the fire began. He and his son escaped without injury. The GT registered just 43 miles on the odometer when it caught fire. 

Naturally, the replacement GT dons the same equipment and silver-and-black color scheme as the first car. It's unclear who covered the replacement car, but Ford apparently pushed the owner back to the top of the build list, rather than making him wait. We reached out to Ford for a statement on how the owner got back on the list, but the company has not responded to our request.

The owner, however, said the automaker reacted quickly to remedy the situation. Ford's customer service department should earn a gold star for this one. In jest, the owner added, "Fingers crossed it will have a longer history" than his previous GT.

The GT joins a collection that includes Ferraris, Porsches, Paganis, Aston Martins, and more. Apparently, muc.collector likes his supercars.