Rimac is doing amazing things with its electric supercars. The Croatian company has moved on from the Concept_One and now the C_Two is basically sold out. But there was enough space on the production line to create this beautiful blue example that Rimac is calling the C_Two California. We hope the automaker has Napa in mind seeing as it fitted a pair of bespoke champagne bottle holders and flutes.

The blue paint works exceptionally well on the otherwise aggressive lines of the C_Two. These are properly aggressive lines, as the RImac C_Two is capable of physics-warping performance. With its 120-kwh battery pack feeding a quartet of electric motors, the C_Two can dish out 1,914 horsepower and almost 1,700 pound-feet of torque

That's enough silent thrust to propel the C_Two from a stop up to 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds. If given enough room and a healthy battery charge, theoretically the C_Two will run up to a top speed of  258 mph.

For one owner, however, the focus is clearly on enjoying life to a greater degree. According to Autocar, a C_Two costs a tick under $2,000,000. Despite that, the average owner spends another $580,000 on options. For the owner of this brilliant blue C_Two California, that includes a unique set of wheels and a pair of custom champagne bottle holders to hold Methusalehs.

Rimac C_Two California

Rimac C_Two California

That's the name for a six-liter bottle of champagne, which is equivalent to eight standard bottles. And this C_Two can fit two of them. That's a lot of fizzy grape juice.

We hope the owner won't be taking them far, as it's not ideal to have bottles of champagne baking under the hot California sun and a layer of glass. Though it could lead to one heck of a story.

"I'm sorry officer, my Methuselahs exploded and scared me and that's why I was going 258 mph!"