Chris Evans recently received one heck of a gift from fellow actor Robert Downey Jr. After starring in the latest Captain America film, Downey Jr. presented Evans with this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro featuring extensive work by SpeedKore.

Jay Leno recently a close-up look of the car in his garage, and luckily for us the cameras were there to film the occasion. To tell us about what's been done to the car, SpeedKore's Dave Salvaggio goes over the details, and it starts with Downey Jr.

The actor wanted to surprise Evans with a car as a gift and was heavily involved in the build process. Salvaggio says he helped finalize the build, selected the 1967 Camaro (the original plan was to modify a 1969 Camaro), and chose the color scheme inside and out. Notably, there's no chrome trim at all. Instead, matte cerakote dons any exterior trim.

The color itself is a custom concoction from SpeedKore called Grigio Verde, or Gray Green. Salvaggio jokingly calls it "melted army man green." Inside, since this is Evans' car, a Captain America star sits in the middle of the steering wheel and a plaque commemorates the special build.

Under the hood sits an LS3 6.2-liter V-8 paired to a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger to make about 730 horsepower. Handling shifts is a four-speed push-button automatic transmission. Looking past the engine, a four-link rear suspension is in place at the rear and a Detroit Speed front sub-frame is in place. At all four corners are Baer brakes and custom HRE wheels.

Salvaggio may call it a "gentleman's tourer," but nothing about how the car behaves is gentlemanly. On the street, the 1967 Camaro looks and sounds as mean as can be, and obviously Leno gets a kick out of it. Grab a look at the build in the video above.