The Ford F-150 Raptor is a capable, powerful, and all-around awesome machine straight from the factory. You could pick one up at the dealership and head straight to Baja.

Still, plenty of folks miss the noise from the prior version, which was fitted with a V-8 engine. PaxPower is clawing out its own niche market to appeal to those people by turning V-8 equipped F-150 pickups into Raptors.

You'll need to start with a 2015 model year or newer Ford F-150. Using that truck as the base on which to build, PaxPower swaps out all of the suspension parts for the bits used on the from-the-factory Raptor. This includes Fox internal bypass shocks, upper and lower control arms, CV axles, tie rods, brake lines, leaf springs, bump stops, and the springs. These are Ford parts that come with a Ford 24-month warranty, and PaxPower says the cost of all the items used would run over $6,500. So having it professionally installed for a total price of $7,450 doesn't seem like a bad deal.

Once installed, your V-8-powered F-150 now has Raptor-like suspension travel of 6.0 additional inches over stock. The front rack is 4.0 inches wider and the front suspension can be raised to provide a 4.0- to 6.0-inch lift. That sounds fun, but PaxPower can take things a bit further.

PaxPower Ford F-150 Raptor conversion

PaxPower Ford F-150 Raptor conversion

The Full Conversion kit includes everything mentioned above but now factors in the aggressive styling found on the Raptor. The total price of the kit runs $24,950. Beyond the suspension upgrades, the converted truck will wear Raptor fenders, the hood, bed sides, fender flares, trim pieces, bumpers, and skid plates. There are further options to swap out for different wheels, tires, exhaust systems, graphics, lighting, and even more suspension upgrades.

Some of you might stop there, but if you've already spent this much dough why not take your truck to the next level? PaxPower has a supercharger kit that can bring your Raptor-ized F-150 up to 758 horsepower. That's a bit more than the 450 hp you'd find on a stock Raptor. All of that extra oomph is achieved through the use of a 2.9-liter Whipple-style supercharger and 5.0-liter V-8. It's paired with a 132-mm billet throttle and an air-to-water intercooler. Should you deem the extra power necessary you will have to part with an additional $12,450.

So if you did both the Full Conversion kit and the supercharger upgrade, you're looking at $37,400. That's a ton of cash, but it's also a serious upgrade to any standard V-8 F-150. If Ford won't build you the V-8 Raptor of your dreams, it seems that PaxPower will.