"Fast. Dangerous. Scary. And stupid." Those are the words straight from the builders' mouths. Edwin and Ethan use those words to describe the Barbie car they built that's powered by a dirtbike engine.

They use another word to describe the over-powered toy as well, and that's "awesome" because that's what this is. The slightly crazy builders found a used go-kart on Craigslist. Using the frame from the old kart, the pair then fabricated engine mounts for the dirtbike engine so it would sit in the front of the cart rather than in the rear. The reason? That makes it easier to slide the rear end.

After getting the engine in place, they installed a hand brake and fit a Barbie car body atop the frame. They also modified the hood from the Barbie Power Wheels Mustang to allow room for the engine to stick through it.

The finished product has to be hilariously terrifying. At one point in the video above, one of our heroes hits 53 mph in the Barbie Kart. Sitting that low to the ground while piloting a Barbie Mustang at that speed would make anyone laugh uncontrollably while also contemplating the consequences of unintended deceleration.

This Barbie Kart sits on proper rubber tires. To fit them cleanly, the Mustang wears a wide body kit that had to be fabricated. Walmart-sourced pink plastic buckets were the first choice, but the duo ended up with black fender flares that add a bit more grunge to the pink kart. With those tires, that engine, and the handbrake, the Barbie Kart is setup to rip. And rip it does.

The video features burnouts, drifts, and even a bit of rallycross-style dirt driving.

We think Ethan and Edwin should start building more Barbie Karts so they can start a new spec-racing series. We call dibs on the Bigfoot Power Wheels Kart.