There's something endlessly appealing about ripping around in a go-kart—it doesn't matter if you're 4 or 400 years old.

For the average person, this means you hop in your car and drive to the nearest go-kart track. Hopefully they have gas karts, but you'll certainly still be happy on a solid electric machine. If you're a bit more well-heeled, you might have a go kart of your own stored away in your garage. YouTuber Colin Furze has a new solution for those seeking the go-kart lifestyle, and it involves building your own machine.

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Some of you out there are certainly up to the task of cutting, welding, and machining your own go-kart from scratch. For most of us, however, that's a daunting task that requires the use of tools and items not currently in our garage. Colin proves that it's not totally necessary to have access to your own machine shop to create a kart.

He uses a drill, an angle grinder, some wrenches and hex keys, and a few vises to make his semi-homemade machine. Combine those tools with the bits of box metal, a spare pit bike motor, and some eBay odds and ends, and you can have a finished go-kart.

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I'll fully admit that I expected to be disappointed and scared of the final build. Its construction looked a bit janky, and I definitely expected it to fall to pieces after a few bumpy runs. In part two of the build video, I saw that I was quite wrong. Colin took his machine out for a spin and seemed to be have a blast with it. Both videos are worth a bit of your time, and Colin's enthusiasm for the project keeps you wanting to see what happens next. 


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