Go-karts are fun, aren't they? The tiny tube-frame machines pack a bit of enjoyable power in the form of small engines.

It's scaled-down fun for the whole family. Sometimes people like to scale-up the fun, however, and that's how you wind up with a go-kart capable of insane feats of speed.

The bad beastie you see in the video above is clearly capable of laying down massive burnouts. According to the video description, that's because it's powered by an engine plucked from a Kawasaki Z1000.

That's not enough, apparently, because that engine has since been bored, stroked, turbocharged, and now runs on alcohol.

The original version of the engine maxed out at around 140 horsepower. The one you see here? It's said to be pushing 340 horsepower. That's enough to push this kart past a quarter of a mile in the mid-8-second range.

If you have enough room and a lack of self-preservation instinct, you can find the top speed that falls somewhere north of 200 miles per hour.

This, friends, is how you scale up effectively. Now if anyone out there can point us towards the owner of the Murder Kart, we'd love to give it a go ourselves.


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