The General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] LS series of engines has been the go-to powerplant of custom builders for decades. The small blocks are capable of big things, especially when it winds up in the hands of talented and creative individuals.

The latest LS adventure arrives to us by way of our friends from Down Under. An engine shop in Australia has whipped a pair of LS engines into one V-12, and it's packing a powerful punch.

Now, this isn't the first time we've seen LS engines turned into a singular V-12. Regardless, it's awesome to see anytime someone takes on this engineering and welding challenge. The LS1 V-12 seen above has been created by cutting right through the cylinder bores of each donor block and then welding them back together to create 12 cylinders of delight.

According to the video description, this engine has been dyno tested and is said to be making 717 horsepower. It's also good for nearly 630 pound-feet of torque, and it sounds like it revs pretty quickly for a V-12.

It seems this engine is bound for a customer here in the States. The plan is to jam it into the engine bay of a Camaro and eventually build more should there be demand. We're eager to here more about this plan, this car, and this engine. So if you know any more about this entertaining build, drop us a line in the comments.


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