It's sometimes quite surprising to see how something so simple could turn out to be so much fun. Today's example of this comes in the form of a simple video. There is no music, no slow-mo cuts, no nonsense. It's just two guys out having fun with go-karts... on a dirt track.

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Putting a kart on dirt is bound to slide to super drifting action, and that's exactly what we have here. According to the YouTube description, these are standard road karts that have pretty much run their course. Instead of dumping them, the karts have been upgraded with four-stroke motors from Harbor Freight. Pair those motors with the already fitted slick tires, and you have a recipe for controlled opposite lock. The two kart drivers go back and forth over the course of the video, and it's clear that each guy is having a blast. 

The video description states that this track is for friends and family, and it's located in Southern California. I'm in Southern California. Now how do I become a friend or family?

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