Back in September, we saw the brutal images of a very violent Lamborghini Huracán crash. At the time, it wasn't exactly clear what led to the accident as the car was traveling down a standard section of the M7 motorway in Hungary. It seemed, due to the skid marks, that the driver lost control of the vehicle. This sent it into the guardrails, and on to its ultimate demise.

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Now we know exactly what led to the crash, and it involves seriously high speeds.

Police have released video taken by the passenger in the car. It's quite clear that the driver was intent on taking his new toy to its top speed. Lamborghini says the car will exceed 325 kilometers per hour, which is 202 miles per hour. We now know that the car is absolutely capable of cresting that figure.

In the video, the driver manages to hit 335 kilometers per hour. That's over 208 miles per hour, and that's insanity on a public motorway. It also explains why the damage to the car was so severe. Additionally, it's a testament to the quality of the car as both men survived the wreck.

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Here's a tip for future owners of exotic or high-performance machines. If you can afford the car, meaning the cost of buying it, maintaining it, and insuring it, then there's something else you can afford. That's track time, which is where you should be testing the limits of the car... not on the highway, with people going about their daily lives right next to you.


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