When you wreck a car going nearly 200 mph, it's going to be in pretty rough shape. That's what happened to a Lamborghini Huracán you've seen grace these pages on multiple occasions. The driver was traveling on a Hungarian highway when he lost control of the car. His Huracán wound up in a ditch while he and his passenger wound up in the hospital. Now that Lamborghini has wound up in the classifieds.

WATCH: Lamborghini Huracán Driver Hits 208 MPH Before Crash: Video

The current asking price for the former husk of a supercar is 2,000,000 Hungarian Forint, according to an ad in Hungarian classifieds site picked up by World Car Fans. That translates to roughly $7,300, and it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of the car left to support that price. There's a second auction, however, that features just the carbon ceramic brakes from the car. Here the seller wants 336,000 Hungarian Forint (a bit over $1,200).

It's actually amazing that there's anything left to sell, or someone left to sell it. The local police released video taken during the crash, which shows the car repeatedly getting up to and exceeding 200 mph. It all went very wrong at around 192 mph.

Maybe the person who crashed the car should buy it back and mount it on their wall as an example of how not to drive on the highway...


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