Two men are lucky to be alive after a Lamborghini Huracán they were in suffered a violent crash. The crash took place late last week on the M7 motorway in Hungary and is believed to be the first major accident involving Lamborghini’s all-new Huracán.

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A photo of the vehicle taken shortly before the crash confirms that the car was registered in the Czech Republic. It’s not clear how the crash occurred but it’s believed the driver lost control at some point as no other cars were involved. We know the car first hit a guardrail before landing in a roadside ditch where it was eventually engulfed in flames.

Despite what was presumably a very violent impact, both occupants surviving is testament to the incredible safety of the latest Lambo. The chassis of the car is composed of a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber, but not much of it is left due to a fire that engulfed the wreckage.

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Head over to Wrecked Exotics for more photos taken at the crash site.

First known Lamborghini Huracán crash (Image via Wrecked Exotics)

First known Lamborghini Huracán crash (Image via Wrecked Exotics)


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