When fast cars and fire are the topic of conversation, the Jaguar F-Type isn’t a common name to drop. In fact, it’s downright rare. But this particular F-Type experienced some sort of dramatic malfunction that resulted in its total demise on a section of the German autobahn last week.

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Last Monday, this F-Type was driving between Kirchhellen North and West Dorsten on the Bundesautobahn 31 when the driver, according to DieBlaulichtreporter on YouTube, heard a loud explosion and flames erupted from the engine compartment.

The car was being driven by a 26-year old driver with a 25-year old passenger, but fortunately both were able to escape safely. The car, however, didn’t fare so well, burning to the ground before fire crews arrived to extinguish the mess. Only the rear end of the F-Type remains relatively untouched.

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The F-Type had just 5,000 km, or about 3,100 miles, on the odometer.


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