Denver's own Defco Trucks has unleashed the king of all Ford Raptor trucks. It's called the MegaRaptor, and it's cartoonishly wonderful. Starting with a Ford F-350 SuperDuty, Defco Trucks turned it into an oversized toy truck for grownups, and the finished product is both hilarious and awesome.

This isn't the first time someone out there has thought about taking a SuperDuty truck and "Raptorize" it.

Last year, we told you about the folks at F250R, which are doing the same thing as Defco. F250R starts with a F-250 Super Duty and transforms it into a vehicle they call the SuperRaptor. They also make a truck called the MegaRaptor as well—just not the same as Defco's MegaRaptor. Confusing, we know.

With Defco's truck, the MegaRaptor is an impressive beast. With its 46-inch tires, the truck was offered to YouTuber Cleetus McFarland for a drive. Namely, a "drive over" as a Prius and an Infiniti were lined up to serve as demonstration fodder. The MegaRaptor makes short work of the now-destroyed vehicles, and that's thanks to the ground clearance, those massive tires, and the mighty diesel mill clattering away under the hood.

Our friends at Motor1 reported it's a modified version of Ford's 6.7-liter PowerStroke turbodiesel V-8 engine. In stock trim that unit is good for over 925 pound-feet of torque. With a turbo upgrade, torque output rises to 1,400 lb ft. So rolling up and over obstacles in your way becomes an easy task modulated by judicious treatment of the fun pedal.

Unlike the F250R MegaRaptor, Defco starts with a true one-ton F-350 for its own MegaRaptor. Still, we like the use of MRAP wheels for F250R's rig. They look more industrial and evil than the shiny wheels of Defco's truck.

It's stellar, and something worthy of the name "mega."